A lovely piece of jewellery, funky baking accessories or something for the garden are nice gifts for Mum on Mother’s Day. But here’s what the women inside the mother really wants on the 13th of May.Wine in a hurry

No Wait Wine

Sometimes even Mum needs a bit of magic medicine – fast! Be it straight after the dinner/bath/bed rush or the “why can’t I go camping with my boyfriend” conversation. For situations like these give Mum the Wine Chill Drops and/or the Red Wine Aerator. That way she won’t have to wait to enjoy a well deserved drop.

Key Finder

If Mum’s keys love a good game of hide and seek then help her keep track of them (and her sanity!) with the Key Finder. It’s a life-saving gift for a busy Mum.

Eco cupsHot Hit of Caffeine

How many times has Mum made herself a hot cuppa only to get busy on something else? Instead of drinking a yucky cold beverage, microwaving it or tipping out the much needed caffeine kick, get her an Eco Cup. They’re fun and eco-friendly way for Mum to enjoy her hot cup of joe for longer.

Chic Mummy Tote

Every Mum needs a bag of volume for carrying all the paraphernalia required for the job. But it doesn’t have to be a dowdy vortex. Instead these lovely tote bags by NZ designer Jill Main are functional and kiwiana chic – the perfect accessory for getting out and about.

Shanti Acupressure Mat DIY Stress Relief

When an on-call personal masseur is not possible this side of winning lotto, the Shanti Acupressure Mat could be just the ticket for a bit of DIY stress relief. The mat has 6000 acupressure points for releasing tension, inducing a state of deep relaxation and increasing feelings of well-being and renewal. Bliss!

A Bathroom Sanctuary

Turn the bathroom into her tranquil haven – a place where she can escape and enjoy a relaxing hot soak. Think candles, scented bath bombs, bath caddy, well chilled/aerated wine (see above) and, most importantly, a good lock on the door! WARNING: Once inside she may not come out.

If you’re a Mum let us know what you would really like to get on Mother’s Day.

Bath caddy and book seat