Valentine’s Day is all about showing someone how much they mean to you – but what if your other half isn’t exactly the lovey-dovey type? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

1. That's how you know it's true love


Binge Watch TV Card


2. Get your priorities straight


All You Need Is Love and Wifi Card


3. When you need to pull it back a bit

You're my most favourite thing card

4. You know who you are


Horny dinosaur card


5. Say what you mean but play it cool


Say You'll be Wine Card


6. For those straight-talkers


Let's bone card


7. Shout out to those couples who don't let love get in the way of social media

Look At My Phone Card


8. Because there's no point in setting the bar too high


Netflix and Chill Valentine's Card


9. For the young at heart

 Calculator Boobies Card


10. And lastly, for when you really mean it...


Less than three you card


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