I LOVE this range of toys! It's awesome to finally find an empowering girls’ toy range that makes science, technology and engineering more appealing to girls.

Many typical girls’ toys lag way behind in the development of spatial skills, hands-on problem solving and confidence with technology that many "boy" targeted toys offer. This is known to be a contributing factor in the significant under-representation of females in much higher paying STEM vocations (i.e., science, technology, engineering and maths).

Here at Not Socks, we’re an all-female team. Not only this, but all eight of our collective children are girls. It’s important to us that our little girls grow up to be confident, empowered adults who know they can do anything. This means starting early by making sure that the toys we give our daughters are sending the right message.

These Roominate Construction Kits aim to bridge the gender gap through early childhood play. Featured on both Kickstarter and Shark Tank, Roominate’s unique blend of building, circuits, design, crafts, storytelling and creativity empowers girls to build endless amazing creations – reminding our daughters that they’re limited only by their imaginations.

We currently have the following kits available.

The Roominate Helicopter lets your little one create a helicopter, airplane, submarine, or come up with their own unique design:

The Roominate Studio – create your very own personalised dream studio with this 70-piece set, including motor circuits to add windmills, carousels or elevators:


The Roominate RV 88 piece set lets children design their ultimate house on wheels:


The Roominate Chateau – build one big structure or multiple creations all at once. This set contains 131 pieces, including motor and light circuits and modular furniture building pieces and walls:

Roominate rPower Add-On – this is a physical controller that brings creations to life using the Roominate app for tablet or smartphones:

The Roominate Circuit Accessories Pack, comprising battery packs, strings of lights and a buzzer allows children to build on their designs to make them bigger and brighter.