Often it’s the simple things kids have enjoyed for generations that create the most special childhood memories. So with that in mind here are 16 activities for each morning and afternoon to get you through week one of the July School Holidays.

We’ve got loads of great games and kits for boys and girls on Not Socks. You’ll also find heaps of items around the house, (such as corks, rubber bands, boxes, cotton reels, straws, matchboxes, newspapers, cardboard tubes, old sheets and magazines to name just a few!), which you can use for the various activities below.

Day 1 – Sat 30th June

AM – Create a backyard mini putt course using cans for holes, and all sorts of wacky items for obstacles, like the clothes basket, buckets, rocks, pot plants, toys etc. Rainy day alternative – create an indoor obstacle course. However, this time use straws to blow the ball around it.

PM – Make and decorate a spaceship, dollshouse, tank, robot, oven, boat, airplane or castle from recycled cardboard boxes. The possibilities are endless!

 Cardboard Plane       Cardboard Cat Tank

Image source: Minimocha & Instructables

Cardboard Mail Box     Cardboard Castle     Cardboard game

Image source: ikatbag, For the Luv of Boys & A Happy Wanderer 

Day 2 – Sun 1st July

AM – Design a tutu or superhero cape.

PM – Dust off the old family board games, such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Operation, Battleship or Connect Four. Battle it out to be the next family champ!

Battleship       Monopoly 

Image source: Hasbro

Day 3 – Mon 2nd July

AM – Make a paper mache mask or animal.

PM – Blow the biggest bubbles in the world with the Bubble Thing. Or make your own bubble wand by cutting out the inside of an ice cream container lid and just leaving the frame. Dip the frame into a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water, then wave it gently from side to side to release the bubbles. Rainy day alternative – pickup some great books from your local library for a bit of downtime during the holidays.

 Bubble Thing

Source: Not Socks - Bubble Thing

Day 4 – Tues 3rd July 2012

AM – Create a pirate treasure map and treasure chest.

PM – Invite a friend over to hunt for clues and ultimately find the hidden treasure.

Pirates       More pirates 

Image source: Disney & East Coast Mommy

Day 5 – Wed 4th July 2012

AM – Complete a tricky puzzle, or better yet make your own for someone else to do. There are heaps of puzzle sheets on the internet that you can download. Otherwise, stick magazine pictures onto cardboard and then cut out various puzzle shapes.

PM – Enjoy the simple pleasure of kite flying. Rainy day alternative – if you don’t have a kite or it's wet outside, spend the afternoon making one from everyday household items, like string, shopping bags and old coat hangers.

Kite Flying

Image source:  Crowfield Farm Sanctuary

Day 6 – Thur 5th July 2012

AM – Bake and decorate Ninjabread Men or Pac Man cookies.

PM – Have a play date with a friend and share the freshly baked cookies with them.

Ninjabread Men       Pac Man Cookies 

Source: Not Socks - Ninjabread Men & Pac-Man Cookies

Day 7 – Fri 6th July

AM – Make slime or what about a tornado in a bottle.

PM – Use a microscope to discover how different objects look up close, for instance bugs, leaves, hair, grass, flowers, food etc!

Make your own slime          Pocket Microscope 

Source: Not Socks - Slime & Microscope

Day 8 – Sat 7th July

AM – Make greeting cards for someone having a birthday.

PM – Challenge family, friends or neighbours to a sports match at the local park. Rainy day alternative – head to the nearest indoor pool and go swimming together instead.

Family Playing Touch Rugby       Kids Swimming 

Image source: SPARC

Yay, you’re halfway there! Here's the School Holiday Survival Guide for Week Two.

Let us know what you enjoy doing with your kids in the school holidays.