Now that we’re settling in for winter it's not easy to squeeze your exercise in while it's still light outside. So if you're out and about outside of daylight hours we've got a few practical ways to stay safe and visible without having to don a high-vis onesie. 

For You

Wearable lights can be a lightweight and unobtrustive way to make sure you're visible on the roads whether you're running, cycling or just out for walk. Since it's also just as important that you can see as well as be seen, a PowerCap is an excellent way of lighting up the path in front of you if you're not a fan of the bounce of a headlamp.

Power Spurz PowerCap runner Power Armz
Power Spurz
PowerCap Runners Cap
Power Armz

For Your Gear

It’s not just you that needs to be lit up for safety, anything you can do to increase the visibility for your bike, your skateboard or even a pram is helpful for staying safe. And if that can be done with pictures of monkeys made of lights on your bike wheel then everybody wins.

Monkey Light Third Kind Skateboard Light
Monkey Light
 Third Kind Skateboard Light
Multi Purpose Lights Spokelit LED Spoke Light
 Multi Purpose Lights
Spoke Lites

For Your Furry Friend

Don’t forget to make sure your dog is visible too. Not only is this helpful for drivers and others on the road but it also means you can easily spot them if they’re off the lead. A light up ball also means you never have to hunt round in the garden with a torch for a bit of late night or early morning fetch.

Collar Cover K9 Meteorlite Glow in the Dark Ball
Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover
K9 Meteorlight Ball
LED Collar Light Pet Leash
PetLit Collar Light
Nite Dawg LED Pet Leash


Stay safe!

The Not Socks Crew