Booties, rattles, blankets, onesies -- they're all appropriate gifts for a newborn baby boy or girl. But what do you get a royal baby who has everything?

With the third in line to the throne due any day now, media from around the world are reporting the Royal Baby is already being showered with "welcome to the world" pressies. Many businesses have created souvenirs we “common folk” can purchase to commemorate the birth of His/Her Royal Highness.

From diamond encrusted dummies to branded Will and Kate barf bags, here are some of the wacky gift and souvenir ideas that are being gifted and created in honour of the Royal Baby.

His & Hers Fisher-Price Stepstool Potty - the perfect royal throne for a potty training little prince or princess.Royal Baby Pottys

Fitting accessories for His/Her Royal Cuteness - the mini crown and the royal baby pacifier.royal-baby-crown-and-dummy For His/Her Royal Highness's bath and iPhone 5... royal-rubberducky-iphonecover

The royal onesies – Grenadier Guard and Keep Calm My Granny is the Queen sleepsuits. royal-baby-outfits-onesies

Every baby needs a novelty bib from their doting uncle or aunty.royal-baby-bibs 

Whatever you do... Shhh! Don’t wake the Royal Baby!


If money is no object, splash out on a gold piggy bank or diamond pacifier at $21,500. gold-piggy-bank-diamond-dummy

Or what about a Linley Rocking Horse priced at $16,000? linley-rocking-horse

Finally, the royal barf bag... Why??? Just in case we get sick of all the royal baby coverage?royal-sick-bag

If you're in need of a gift for your little prince or princess then check out our wonderful selection of baby gifts for girls and boys.

Jolly good!