Before you level up, you need to kit up. Here are six must haves to take your Pokémon hunting next level.

1. HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount

Hands free egg hatching on your bike.

Handleband Smartphone Bike Mount


2. Touchscreen Gloves

These go without saying.

Touchscreen Gloves


3. NapSack – Wearable Sleeping Bag

Hunt on the go while in the comfort of your sleeping bag. Goddamn genius.

NapSack Wearable Sleeping Bag


4. aLoksak – Smartphone Waterproof Bags

For Pokémon hunting rain, hail or snow.

aLoksak Smartphone Waterproof Bags


5. Pocket Power Charger

Pokémon Go – getting you active while sucking the life out of your battery... since last week.

Pocket Power Charger


6. PowerCap LED Cap

And then there’s the rare Pokémon of the night-time variety. Hands free lighting is how you want to play this.

PowerCap LED Cap


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