Peeble Octopus Baby RattleWe’re super excited to show you our new arrivals from Pebble! There is something very special about these crocheted critters.

Our new range of Pebble toys aren’t just beautiful, bright and bring joy to babies who love and chew them. They also provide much needed hope and employment opportunities for disadvantaged Bangladeshi women.

The Fair Trade toys are made by the non-profit organisation Hathay Bunano. They provide fairly paid, quality and locally based employment for poor women of rural Bangladesh. This means the women don’t have to migrate to the cities, be away from their families and lose their sense of community. It gives them the flexibility to be able to work from home keeping their families together.

At Pebble their philosophy is simple "we like to think that our toys spread smiles worldwide: the ladies who make them in Bangladesh smile because the toys bring them work, the parents smile because the toys keep their babies happy and enable them to shop with a conscience and the babies smile - well you can see why!"

Our Pebble range includes cuddly doudous, mischief monsters and adorable octopus rattles.

All Pebble products are hand crafted with great care and are 100% cotton. So they not only look good and make a fantastic gift for babies, choosing a Pebble toy brings hope and a better life to Bangladeshi women. What a great fair trade!

Peeble Fair Trade Baby Toys