Guess what has finally been made? Mum’s Milestone Cards. YAY!

We’ve all heard of baby milestone cards... you know the ones that mark the day bubba crawled for the first time or got their first tooth. But who celebrates the mums; the real unsung heroes in this new chapter of baby life?

Forget those TV mums; the ones who breeze through motherhood with perfect hair, daily yoga sessions and play-dates with equally chic mums and bubs.

Mum’s Milestone Cards keep it hilariously real and remind frazzled mums when to toot their own horn for the real parenting feats – like mastering the mid-chore nap or going to the bathroom alone for the first time.

Mum can date the relevant card and snap it as a selfie to share with friends, or just use the pack to look back on when she needs reminding of the super-mum milestones she ticked off along the way.



Mum's Milestone Cards