All set for your annual fix of ghoulish good times? Here are some fun ideas for a spooky-cool Halloween party.

Start with some creepy Halloween party food...

Wicked Witch Cupcakes   GingerDead Men Cookies   Finger Food

 Dracula Dentures     Strawberry Ghosts 

Source: Wicked Witch Cupcakes (unknown), GingerDead Men Cookies, Finger Food (unknown), Dracula's Dentures, Strawberry Ghosts.  

Wash it down with frightfully good refreshments...

Skewered Jack-O-Lantern   Eyeball Drinks   Human Punch 

Source: Halloween Cocktails and Drinks Recipes

Add the sounds with the Sounds Machine Horror Special...

Sound Machine Horror Special Source: Not Socks

 And finally, get your glad rags on!

 Cute Halloween Custome     

Do you have any plans for Halloween this year? If so, let us know below. We would love to hear from you!