So you’re keen to give Dad a bit more than a pat on the back this Father’s Day, but you’re not sure what. To help you out we’ve compiled this comprehensive Father’s Day gift guide by “Dad type”. It’s sure to give you lots of gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day.

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Sporty Dad

There are two types of Sporty Dads – the sports player and the sports watcher. So for the player why not upgrade a piece of equipment he already owns or get him some new sports gear, such as the Change Bag, Waterproof Pouch, Multi Purpose Fishing Tool or Portable Key Safe?

Change Bag       Waterproof Pouch     Portable Key Safe      

For the sports supporter, what about tickets to his favourite game or an entirely new sport you’ll both enjoy. Alternatively, what about a Sports Quiz Game, the fun Red Card / Yellow Card Cufflinks or Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time?

Sports Quiz Game   Red Card / Yellow Card Cufflinks        Dad's Playbook 

Gadget Geek Dad

Buying for a gadget lover doesn’t have to be expensive. Rather than splashing out on the gadget, why not get him some accessories for his favourite gizmo? The iBottleopener, Driinn Folding Mobile Phone Holder, Boombox Portable Speaker, Video iStabilizer, Dual USB Car Charger, Electronics Tool Kit and iStrike Stylus make great gifts for gadget geeks.

iBottleopener     Driinn Folding Mobile Phone Holder    Boombox Portable Speaker


If Dad fancies himself as a bit of a handyman, then a new tool such as Tape Measure & Calculator, Thumbsaver, 16pc 2-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver, 3-in-1 Lighted Magnetic Pick Up Claw or the Kelvin 23pc Pocket Super Tool could be just the ticket.

Tape Measure & Calculator      Thumbsaver     Kelvin 23pc Pocket Super Tool

Music Maestro Dad

For the music loving Dad, how about a Pickmaster Plectrum Cutter which he can use to make his own picks or some retro Record Coasters?

                            Pickmaster Plectrum Cutter                     Record Coasters 

Manly Dad

If your Dad puts the man in manly, then consider getting him the Hopside Down Beer Glass, Six Pack Tee, Speight’s Chocolate Bar, TV Tools or Fridge Monkey. They’re great gifts for a Kiwi bloke.

Hopside Down Beer Glass    Six Pack Tee     Speights Chocolate Bar

Metro Dad

For the Metro Dad who likes to take care of himself and look good, leather accessories (such as the BookBook for iPhone), stylish cufflinks or a travel case are timeless gifts.

                              BookBook for iPhone                         Silver Fern Cufflinks

Family Man

A special family photo, memory or something personal will appeal to this Dad. The My Dad Interview Journal and Dear Dad books are unique gifts that are sure to be treasured for years to come.

                               My Dad Interview Journal                      Dear Dad      

The Adventurer

There are heaps of potential gift ideas for those Dads who feel truly at home in the great outdoors, such as the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit, SealLine Baja Dry Bag or Outdoor Survival Kit just to name a few.

                                Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit                     SealLine Baja Dry Bag

The Foodie

Foodie Dad’s will flip for cooking or food related pressies, such as the Ultimate Cheese Pack, Gourmet Father’s Day Chocolates, Whisky Stones Gift Set, Beginner's Italian Cheeses Kit, Artisan's One Day Cheese Kit, Digital BBQ Thermometer or Beer Can Chicken Roaster.

Gourmet Father’s Day Chocolates  Whisky Stones     Beginner's Italian Cheeses Kit

The Motorsport Enthusiast

The Tank Up Mug, Gear Shift Cufflinks or the 2013 Global Trucking Calendar would make a prefect present for your favourite petrol head this Father’s Day.

                                Tank Up Mug                      Gear Shift Cufflinks      

Hipster Dad

If Dad rocks the retro vibe consider getting him the Record Placemats or Combi Van Cufflinks.

                               Record Placemats                            Combi Van Cufflinks

Traveller Dad

The Scratch Map, Travel Scale or Praktica 10x25 Compact Binoculars make great gifts for wanderlust adventurers.

Scratch Map     Travel Scale    Binoculars 

Intellectual Dad

If your Dad is the type of guy you want on your trivial pursuit’s team, then he’s sure to appreciate the Sudoku A Day Desk Block, Chalk Chess or the After Dinner Quiz Collection this Father’s Day.

Sudoku a Day   Chalk Chess     After Dinner Quiz    

The Big Kid

Your big kid at heart is sure to enjoy receiving the Joke a Day Desk Pad, Water Wars, Zombie Family Car Stickers or the Tabletop Football.

Joke a Day    Water Wars     Zombie Family Car Stickers

The Dad Who Has Everything

But does he? Get Dad something that conveys how much you appreciate him, like Superman Cufflinks or a little pewter trophy with “No.1”, “The Best” or a wee star on it. If that’s not your cup of tea then what about a handy back scratcher for itching those hard to reach places?

Superman Cufflinks     Pewter Trophy    Back Scratcher

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Note all images have been sourced from Not Socks.