The Easter long weekend is a fabulous time for families and friends to slow down and spend some good, quality time together, whether it be away on a holiday, having brunch together or hunting for Easter eggs.

Here’s 12 different ways to celebrate Easter which are sure to make your Easter fun and memorable.


Easter egg tree     Decorate eggs

1.   Decorate the House and Garden - Image source: Evenium

2.   Decorate Eggs or Make an Egg Sculpture - Image source: A bit of pilli pilli ...


Easter egg hunt     Get cooking

3.   Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

For Easter Egg Hunts with a difference check out our “11 Fun & Different Easter Egg Hunt Ideas”. Our favourite is the Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt – great fun for all ages. Also, remember to leave out some carrots for the Easter Bunny.  Image source: Kinser Event Company

4.   Get Cooking

Dust off your Easter culinary skills and whip up an Easter Feast.  Your kitchen will smell amazing and your family will love devouring all the yummy Easter treats.  Image source: Celebrations At Home


Easter Craft     Head outdoors

5.   Get Your Easter Craft On - Image source: Shelterness

6.   Head Outdoors

Easter is a great time to get out and about before winter sets in. Why not head to the beach, animal park, lake, zoo or park?  Image source: Geo Parent


Bunny     Chicken game

7.   Gift Something Sugar Free

I’m not one to suggest a chocolate free Easter! However, not all gifts at Easter have to be of the sugar inducing coma variety.  Something thoughtful, fun and long lasting after the treats have gone will be treasured.  Image source: Not Socks Gifts

8.   Wet Weather Activities

If you are looking for some wet weather activities for the kids (or yourself!) there are loads of free printable Easter colouring in pages online. You could play a new board game or snuggle up on the couch with a movie.  Image Source: Not Socks Gifts


Easter games     Easter games 2

9.   Let the Easter Games Begin

Alternatively think beyond the Easter Egg Hunt and set up other fun kids' activities in the backyard, like an Egg Relay Race, Egg Bocce or Shell Crack – great fun for all ages.  Image Source: Martha Stewart

10.   Teach Kids the Meaning of Easter

Let your kids know what Easter means to you personally.


Easter events     Easter traditions

11.   Check Out Local Events In Your Area

Event websites and your local paper will have everything you need to know with what's going on in your area this Easter weekend.  Image Source: Auckland Council

12.   And Lastly, Adopt a New Tradition

Lots of cultures have fun and unique ways to celebrate Easter.  Picking one or two interesting traditions from a different culture is sure to make Easter more memorable and special.  For instance in the Netherlands and parts of Germany, "Easter Fires" are built at sunset on Easter Sunday to bring the community together and celebrate the changing of the season.  In Bermuda every Easter they fly kites.  While in Haux, France, a giant omelette is cooked in the town square on Easter Monday.  Approximately 4,500 eggs are used to create a meal fit for 1,000 people.  One custom we wouldn't recommend though is the Slovakian Easter Monday whippings!  Image Source: Hello Kids