Over the years we’ve attended many, many trade shows both in NZ and overseas. But nothing compared to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Which is not surprising when you bring together the largest electronics companies in the world all hoping to outdo each other at one of the world’s most outlandish and glitzy cities.

CES 2012 Images

A-list celebs, crazy stunts and other acts of bravado aside, it was a real privilege to attend the show and get exposure to tomorrow’s technological advancements today. The good news is, rather than being the stuff of The Jetsons, CES 2012 saw greater market ready development of existing trends, such as:

  • Gesture controlled interfaces
  • Glasses-free 3D
  • Better and more powerful connectivity
  • Cloud-based services
  • Thinner, lighter and more powerful hardware.

These trends are becoming more and more ubiquitous - from how we work, communicate, play, read, and even sleep.

CES gift ideas...

Our purpose for heading to CES was to get an understanding of the key trends and then with this in mind seek out new gadgets and gizmos which would make great gifts. We tend to leave the selling of devices to the big boys and girls and focus on accessories – stylish covers, funky speakers, quality headphones, clever chargers, smartphone enabled toys - that sort of thing. We also try to stock products that will work with a wide range of devices, not just one specific device.

Finding such accessories at CES was actually pretty hard. Yeah there were heaps and heaps of innovative and useful products on display... that mostly catered for iPhone users. Apple enjoys a much larger share of the consumer electronic market in the US than in NZ. Apple accessories (no matter how great they are) appeal to a very small niche in NZ so we’re weary of having too many on Not Socks.

That said, once we waded through the oceans and oceans of iPhone covers on offer, we did find a number of wee gems that we’re looking forward to stocking later this year. Stay tuned!

So that was CES 2012. Did you go or follow it online? What trends or new gadgets are you most excited about? We would love to hear your thoughts. Write a comment below by Friday (4/2) and we’ll send out a pack of Peanut Butter M&M’s (not currently available in NZ) to the best one.

Cheers, JudePeanut butter M&Ms